The Stables

What do I need to do to reserve my wedding date?

To reserve your wedding date, you must sign the rental contract and pay $1,000 deposit.  You have 7 days from signing the contract to pay the deposit and it is refundable up to 10 days after signing.  The remaining rental fee minus the deposit is due 60 days prior to your wedding date.  We accept cash or check.

When is the rest of my money due?

The remaining rental fee (after deposit) and damage deposit is due 60 days prior to your event. Any additional packages, taxes, and fees will be due the morning of your event.

What is your cancellation policy?

After signing a contract and putting down your deposit, you have seven days to change your mind for a full refund of your deposit. If you’d like to cancel your reservation more than six months prior to your event, you will be refunded half of your deposit. Cancelling less than six months prior, your deposit is non-refundable. Remaining rental fee is non refundable and must be paid 60 days prior to event.

Can I hire my own caterer?

You are required to hire any NYS licensed & Board of Health approved and insured catering company to serve at your event.

Can I provide my own alcohol?

No. We have a liquor license of our own, we are the sole provider of alcohol on the premise. Likewise, guests are not allowed to bring their own alcohol onsite. This is a policy we must strictly enforce due to NY State law. Please do your best to perceive your guests preferences and we will do our very best to stock all your requests.

Does the venue have insurance?

Yes, the venue has its own liability insurance policy.

Do my vendors need insurance?

Yes, your vendors need to provide proof of their general liability insurance policy prior to working your event with coverage for property and personal damage caused by the vendor, employees, or sub-contractors.


When can I start decorating?

You are permitted to enter the facility 9:00am the day prior to your event.

Is there parking?

Parking is available in front of the venue between the top loop of our driveway and the cow pasture. Handicapped parking is available on the south side of the building.

If I’ve planned an outdoor ceremony, what if it rains?

The venue can accommodate an indoor ceremony for up to 130 guests. We also have tents available for rent.

How will my guests get down to the waterfront?

You are welcome to bring golf carts or utility vehicles (such as a gator) down to the waterfront. Passenger vehicles are not permitted.

Is the venue heated?

Currently we do not have any heating or air conditioning in the main hall. We are working toward a solution for this.

Is a bonfire an option?


Am I able to have candles at my reception?

Candles must be used in glass jar, votive, lantern, or approved container with the flame reaching no higher than two inches.

Are there any items that are not permitted?

Nails, tacks, screws, staples, etc. may not be used in the walls, posts, beams, and woodwork to hang decorations in the barn.  No rice, confetti or glitter is permitted to be thrown inside or outside of the barn. No alterations may be made to the grounds, barn or other parts of the premises.

Are fireworks allowed? What about sparklers?

Fireworks are not permitted on the property unless prior approval has been granted from the management and they are administered by a NY State licensed Pyro-technician or company.  Sparklers are not permitted inside the barn and must be used at least 20 feet away from the building.

What time does my event have to end?

Your rate expires at 11:00 pm, should you wish to stay longer our space and bar can remain open until 2:00 am. You will be charged an additional $100 per hour to be paid before the end of your event.

What is required for clean up?

We ask that you remove all of your personal brought items, such as decorations and flowers the morning following the event.  If you have rentals from outside vendors, we ask that you stack them together, and arrange their pickup asap following your event.  We require that your caterer leaves the catering area the way that they found it, free of any waste and liter.  We also ask that the barn be left in a similar condition as how you found it on the day of your event. You are not required to clean floors or bathrooms.